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Switchboard:  86-21-64362655

Fax:  86-21-64362675

Address:  5F, 986 Hongmei Road South, Shanghai, Minhang District

Zip code:  200237

Contacts:Zhang Chaoyang

Mobile phone:  13917784356


QQ:    2598915115 546223741


Duty paragraph:  310114789510875

Opening bank:Shanghai Longhua Rural Commercial Bank branch

Accounts:  32461708010071987

Line number:  402290011036

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Special details of after-sales service commitment

In order to better meet the needs of customers, and achieve the purpose of quality service, our company specially formulated the following after-sales service rules:
1. Provide quality assurance for 5 years. The product is damaged or damaged during the warranty period. It is repaired or replaced. Details refer to our company's product warranty.
2.The company is equipped with off-road car repair works and cars respectively, 24 hours and holidays all day long Hou duty system, set up a special warning phone (Office Tel: 021-51082348 day, Tel: 13917784356), after receiving the warning notice, the fastest to reach the scene of failure.
3. All products have purchased product liability insurance and may claim damages from the insurance company for personal injury and property damage due to product quality.
4. Technical and commercial personnel shall be sent to technical support and service to customers in accordance with customer requirements and actual needs.

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