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Zip code:  200237

Contacts:Zhang Chaoyang

Mobile phone:  13917784356


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Duty paragraph:  310114789510875

Opening bank:Shanghai Longhua Rural Commercial Bank branch

Accounts:  32461708010071987

Line number:  402290011036

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Agents wanted

Basic thought:
1.Adhering to the combination of direct marketing and distribution is our long-term market development model
2.Adhering to mutual benefit and good faith is a solid foundation for our long-term cooperation with distributors
Basic practice:
1.Distributors are divided into two categories: dealers and agents。
   Dealers have no sales targets and no market protection;
   Agents have sales targets, there are market protection (market protection mainly by region, industry protection and product protection)
2.We cultivate distributors through direct selling, developing new markets and improving product visibility。
3.When distributors are ripe, we have the option of giving the market to distributors。
4.We provide distributors with the "heart price" while providing quality products and services。
5.We require distributors to have better market and financial strength。
6.We are willing to cooperate with powerful companies in OEM way。

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