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Power supply lightning protection box

Main features:

With large redundancy surge material design, shock resistance, stability
The core part of all the use of Europe and America famous factory import components
Built in circuit breaker, surge protector front-end without adding short-circuit device, effectively avoid smoke, fire and other dangerous situations
LED status indication, with alarm remote control contact (option)
MOV+ spark gap technology
Complete range of products, meet the user requirements
Four bit lightning counter
Up to standard ANSI/IEEE, C62.41-1991, CatA, Cat, B, Cat, C, AS/NZS,, CatA, Cat, B, Cat, CBS, 6651:1992, CatA, Cat
Technical parameter
型號 AMT80 AMT100 AMT50I AMT100I AMT150I
標稱電壓(Un) 三相400V/690V
持續工作壓(Uc) 690V
標稱放電電流(In) 40KA 50KA 100KA 150KA 200KA
最大通流容量(Imax) 80KA 100KA      
沖擊電流(Iimp)     50KA 100KA 150KA
保護水平(Up) 3.0KV    3.1KV    4.0KV 
響應時間(tA) 25ns
接入導線面積 10mm2-16mm2
外形尺寸(3P) L*W*H=108×90×66mm
工作環境 溫度-40℃~+85℃,相對濕度≤95%(25℃),海拔高度≤3KM


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